Nous n'utilisons que de la Country Music et Rock'n Roll sur nos chorégraphies.
95 % Américaine - 5 % Canadienne, Australienne, Norvégiène, Allemande, Francaise..


Toute chorée de couleur BLEUE est un lien vers une vidéo.
(si elle n'est pas supprimée par le propriétaire !!)
Mise à jour le 27/03/2018
notes de musique

A BEAUTIFUL GIRL - Rodney Crowell (It Don't Get Better Than This) (D) 2010
A FRIEND INDEED - Dave Shériff (A Friend In Need) (D) 2016
A WOMAN'S RANT - Joe Dee Messina (A Woman's Rant) (I) 2016
ABOUT LEAVIN’ U - Dierks Bentley (Lot of Leavin Left To Do) (contre)
ADDICTED TO LOVE - Kimber Clayton (Addicted to Love) (N)
AFTER - Luke Bryan (I Don't Want This Night To End) (D) 2017

AIN'T GOIN' DOWN - Garth Brooks (Ain't Goin Down) (N) 2015
AMAZING GRACE - Maverick Choir (Amazing Grace) (I)
AMERICAN KIDS - Kenny Chesney (Américan Kids) (D+) 2015

AN ABSOLUTE DREAM - Rosanne Cash (Land of Dreams) (D) 2014
James House (Anything for Love) (D) 2016
ANYTHING GOES - Josh Turner (Why Don't We Just Dance) (D) 2009
ALABAMMA SLAMMIN' - Laura Bell Bundy (If You Want My Love) (I) 2016
ALLIGATOR ROCK - Bill Haley & The Comets (See Your Later, Alligator)

ALL ABOUT A WOMAN - Easton Corbin (Don't Ask Me About A Woman) (D) 2015
ALL ABOUT TONIGHT - Blake Shelton (All About Tonight) (N) 2010
ALL SHOOK UP - Billy Joel (All Shook Up) (I)
ALL SUMMER LONG - Kid Rock (All Summer Long) (I) 2010
ALL YOU NEED - Brad Paisley (All You Really Need Is Love) (D) 2014
APACHE - The Shadows (Apache) (I) 2014


BAD THINGS - Jace Everett (Bad Things) (I)
BARE ESSENTIALS - Lee Kernaghan (Bare Essentials) (I) 2016
BEAUTIFUL DAY - Dave Shériff (A Beautiful Day) (D) 2009-2010
BEER FOR MY HORSE - Toby Keith & Willie Nelson (Beer For My Horses)
(N) 2015
BIBLE BELT - Travis Tritt (Bible Belt) (N)
Big City Brian Wright (Summertime) (N+) 2018
BIG LOVE IN TOWN - Sarah Johns (Big Love In A Small Town) (D)
BILL'S BASIC - Josh Turner (Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy) (D) 2010-2014-2015
BLACK CADILLAC - Jackson Delaney (Long Black Cadillac) (I) 2015
BLACK COFFEE - Lacy J. Dalton (Black Coffee) (N) 2009
BLUE NOTE - Toby Keith (Big Blue Note)
BOP THE B's - Billy Swan (Bop The Be) (N2009
BOSSA NOVA - Jane Mc Donald (Blame It On The Bossa Nova) (I) 2009
BOOT SCOOTIN' BOOGIE - Brooks & Dunn (Boot Scootin' Boogie) (D) 2010
Paul Nipper (One of These Days) (I) 2018
BOUNTY - Dean Brody (Bounty) (I) 2015
Luke Combs (Honky Tonk Highway) (D2017
BREAD & BUTTER - The Tractors (Shortenin' Bread) (N)
BREAK AWAY - Scooter Lee (Break Away) (D) 2015
BREAKING HORSES - Dustin Evans (Horses & Hearts) (I) 2018
BRING DOWN THE HOUSE - Dean Brody (Bring Down The House) (I) 2016

BROKEN HEART - Brooks & Dunn (Working On Next Broken Heart) (D) 2009-2010-2014-2015
BUDDY - Désert Rose Band (One Step Forward) (D) 2015
BUG IN MY MARGARITA - Alan Jackson (Long Long Way To Go) (I)
BUILT FOR BLUE JEANS - Tyler Dean (Built For Blue Jeans) (N) 2015
BULLFROG ON A LOG - Tim Hicks (Blackjack Billy) (N2015
Dean Brody (Bush Party) (I) 2017

CABO SAN LUCAS - Toby Keith (That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy) (N) 2010
CADILLAC & CAVIAR - Zac Brown Band (Different King Of Fine) (D) 2015
CALIFORNIA BLUE - Roy Orbison (California Bue) (I) 2010
CAMP ONE - Alan Jackson (Thank God For The Radio) (D) 2016
CANADIAN STROLL - Keith Anderson (Wrap Around) (D)
CANNIBAL STOMP - Mark Knopfler (Cannibals Plage) (I) 2015
CASH BACK - Rodney Crowell (I Walk The Line - Revisited) (N) 2016

CATALAN UP - Kevin Fowler (Me And The Boys duet George Jones) (N)
CAUGHT IN THE ACT - Gleen Frey (Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed) (I) 2010-2015
CHA CHA ONE - Tanya Tucker (Some Kind Of Trouble) (D) 2009
CHARLY & ME - Mark Everette (Where The Mustang Can Run Free) (D) 2016
Randy Houser (Chasing Down A Good Time) (I) 2017
CHEESEBURGER - Michael Martin Murphy (Tying Knots In The Devil's Tail) (D) (Mixer)
CHEROKEE BOOGIE - BR5-49 (Cherokee Boogie)
(48 T) (D) 2016
CHEYENNE - M.C Carpenter (I Feel Lucky) (D) 2009-2010-2015
CHIPPIN' AWAY - Kevin Fowler (Chippin' Away) (D) 2016

CITY OF NEW ORLEANS - Roch Voisine (City of New Orleans) (N) 2015
Aaron Watson (Clear Isabel) (D2017
CLICHE - Travis Tritt (Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde) (sans TAG) (I) 2009
CLIKETY CLACK - Travis Tritt (Southbound Train) (I) 2010
CLOSER - Jo Hikk (Closer) (N)

COLORADO GIRL'S - The High Rollers (Colorado Girls) (D) 2014-2015
CORN DON'T GROW - Travis Tritt (Where Corn Don't Grow) (I) 2015
COTTON PICKIN' MORNING - Blake Shelton (Cotton Pickin' Time) (I) 2010
COUNTRY AS CAN BE - Brady Seals (Country As A Boy Can Be) (D) 2010-2014
COUNTRY AS A BOY CAN BE - Brady Seals (Country As A Boy Can Be) (N)
COUNTRY LILLY - Truc Stop (Hillbilly Country Lilly) (I) 2010

COUNTRY ROADS - Hermes House Band (Country Roads) (I)
COUNTRY TWO STEP - Jerry Kilgore (I Just Want My Baby Back) (D) 2009-2010
COUNTRY STRONG - Adam Brand (That Changes Everything) (I) 2014
COUNTRY WALKIN' - The Ranch (Walkin' The Country) (D) 2009-2010-2014
The Sons Of The Palomino (feat Big & Rich) (Countryholic) (N) 2018
COWBOY BOOGIE - Billy Ray Cyrus (Acky Breaky Heart) (D) 2009-2010-2014
COWBOY CHARLESTON - Joni Harms (Let's Put The Western Back In The Country) (D) 2009-2015
COWBOY COWBOY - Brooks & Dunn (Cowboy, Cowboy) (I)
COWBOY RYTHM - The Tractors (Baby Likes To Rock It) (N) 2009
COWBOY STRUT - Terri Clarck (You're Easy On The Eyes) (D) 2009
COWGIRL’S TWIST - Vince Gill (What The Cowgirls Do) (D)
CRIPPLE CREEK - Jim Rast & The Malones (Cripple Creek) (I) 2016
CUCCARACHA - The Mavericks (All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down) (D) 2009
CUT A RUG - Scooter Lee (Roll Back The Rug) (D) 2009-2010-2014
CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! - Steve Holy (Brand New Girlfriend) (N) 2009

DECK 51 - Eric Heartherly (Flowers On The Wall) (I) 2010-2015
John Rich (Shuttin' Detroit Down) (N) 2018
D H S S - Dwight Yoakam (A World of Blue) (D) 2009-2010
DING DANG DARN IT - Ken Domash (Ding Dang Darn It) (I)
DISAPPEARING TAIL LIGHTS - Gord Bamford (Dissappearing Tail Lights) (I) 2015
Joanathan East (Dixie Girl) (I) 2017
DIXIE ROAD - Lee Greenwood (Dixie Road) (I/Avancé) 2015
DO DAT DIDDLY DING DANG - Lee Mattews (Do Dat Diddly Ding Dang) (N) 2018

DON'T YOU WISH - John Fogerty (Don't You Wish It Was True) (N) 2015
DOWN TO THE RIVER - Doug Seegers (Going Down To The River) (I) 2016

DOWN THE CORNER - The Mavericks (Down On The Corner) (I)
DOWN THE ROAD - Mac McAnally (Down The Road) (D) 2016

DRINKIN' BONE BOOGIE - Tracy Byrd (The Trusth About Men) (D)
Stéphanie Quayle (Drinking With Dolly) (D2017
DRINKS ON ME - Josh Ward (Rainout Hangout) (I) 2015

EASE UP - Dixies Chicks (Let's Er Rip) (D) 2016 
EASY COME EASY GO - Shania Twain (Any Man Of Mine) (N) 2009-2010-2014
EASY DOES IT - Kellie Pickler (One Of The Ghys) (D) 2010
EASY WAY - Billy Yates (Just Be You) (D) 2016
EAST BOUND & DOWN - Jerry Reed (East Bound & Down) (N) 2010
8 BALL - 8 Ball Aitken (Outback Booty Call) (N)
ELECTRIC SLIDE - Tim Mc Graw (I Like It, I Love It) (D) 2009-2010-2015

EMPTY - Tim Redmond (Empty) (N) 2015
EVERYBODY KNOWS - Dixie Chicks (Everybody Knows) (D) 2010


FAIS DO DO - The Charlie Daniel Band (Fais Do Do) (I) 2009
FARM DANCE - Hank Williams Jr. (Farm Song)
FIFTY TWO BEERS AGO - Toby Keith (Beers Ago) (I)
Clint Black (She Won't Let Go) (I) 2018
FLOBIE SLIDE - Toby Keith (A Little Less Talk And a Lot More Action) (D) 2009
FOR NEIGE - Heidi Hauge (Saturday Night) (I)
Taylor Swift (Love Story) (N) 2017
FREIGHT TRAIN - Alan Jackson (Freight Train) (N) 2010 - 2016
FRIDAY YET - Gord Bamford (Is It Friday Yet)
 (I) 2014
FRIENDS (Agnès Gauthier) - 
Blake Shelton (Friends) (D) 2017
FROM HERE - Jay D Henley (Deeper) (I) 2017
FULL BOTTLE OF RUM - Adam Harvey & McAlister Kemp (One Full Bottle Of Rum) (I) 2015

GET EVEN - Brad Paisley (Get Even) (I) 2015
GET YOUR FEET DOWN - Ann Tayler (1-2-3) (I/avancé)
Méghan Patrick (George Strait) (D+) 2018
GONE TO KENTUCKY - Geneviève Spalding (Gone to Kentucky) (D) 2015
GOOD DAY TO RUN - Darryl Worley (A Good Day To Run) 2016

GOOD TO BE US - Bucky Covington (Its Good To Be Us) (I)
GO CAT GO - Go Cat Go (Please Mama Please) (D)
GO HOME - John David Kent (A Place To Call Home) (Ultra D) 2015
GO MAMA GO - Ann Tayler (Let Your Momma Go)
(I) 2009-2014
GO SEVEN - Bouke (Seven Lonely Days) (D) 2014
GOOD TIME - Alan Jackson (Good Time) (D) 2010
GOD BLESSED TEXAS - Little Texas (God Blessed Texas) (D) 2010-2015
Jason Michael Carroll (God Only Knows) (I) 2017
GOLDEN WEDDING RING - Terri Clark & Dierk Bentley (Golden Ring) (D) 2016
M. Callahan (God's Green Earth) (D) 2018
GYPSY ROSA LI - Ray Scott (Gypsy) (I) 2015
HALF PAST NOTHIN’ - Jack Savoretti (Knock Knock) (I) 2010
Dean Brody (Soggy Bottom Summer) (N) 2017
H2o2 - Brad Paisley (Water) (N) 2014
HEYDAY - Aaron Watson (Heyday Tonight) (I)
HEADS UP, HO DOWN - Brady Seals (Ho Down) (D) 2010-2015
Rodney Carrington (Best You'll Do Tonight) (N) 2018
HEAVEN AND HEEL - Keith Urban (Be Here 04 God's Been Good to Me) (D)
The McClymonts (Here's To You & I) (I) 2017
HEY MAN - Kevin Costner & Modern West (Hey man what about you) (I)
Brad Paisley (High Life) (N) 2017
HIGH TIME - Travis Tritt (High Time For Gettin' Down) (I) 2014
HOOKED ON COUNTRY - Atlanta Pops Orchestra (Just Hooked On Country) (D) Toute saison
HOME TO LOUISIANA - Ann Tyler (Home To Louisiana) (N) 2009-2015
HOME FOR CHRISTMAS - The Tractors (Baby Wanna Be By You)
(N) 2010
HOT TAMALES - Lee Roy Parnell (Country Down To My Soul) (64 T) (I)

I BELONG - Alan Jackson (Thats Where I Belong) (D) (fiche sur demande)
I LOVE THIS BAR - Toby Keith (I Love This Bar) (N) 2009
I4C FUN PUSH - Garth Brooks (Beer Run) (N) 2014

I WON'T GO HUNTIN' - Jimmy Dean (I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake (But I'll Go Chasin' Wimmin) (N en contre) 2017
INSPIRATION - Tracy Byrd (Heaven In My Woman's Eyes) (D) 2016
IT'S EASY - Tracy Bird (You Lied To Me) ou Dwight Yoakam (Baby Don't Go) (Ultra D) 2010
IT’S A COUNTRY THING - Tracy Byrd (I'm From the Country) (N) 2016
Joey & Rory (That's Important To Me) (D) 2016

JACCOB’S LADDER - The Woolpackers (Blue Rodéo) (N)
JACKET JOE - George McAnthony (Trapper Jacket Joe) (N+) 2015

JAILHOUSE CREOLE - Billy Swan (Jailhouse Rock) (D) 2009-2010
JAMBALAYA - Eddy Raven (Jambalaya on the Bayou) (N) 2010
JUNGLE FREAK - The Woolpackers (On My Radio) (contre) (N)
JUST ANOTHER AMERICAN - Brad Paisley (Américan Saturday Night) (I) 2014-2010
JUST IN LOVE - Joe Nichols (Just Let Me Fall In Love With You) (N+) 2018
JOANA - Don Williams (Come Early Morning) (D) 2015
J & R - Joey & Rory (All You Need Is Me) (D) 2016


KILL THE SPIDERS - Brad Paisley (You Need a Man Around Here) (N)
KISS MY COUNTRY ASS - Ray Scott (My King Of Music) (I) 2015

KNEE DEEP - Zac Brown Band (Knee Deep) (N) 2015

LA CHAPELLOISE - The Shamrock (I'll Tell Me Ma) (D) 2009-2010
LAMTARRA RUMBA - Hal Ketchum (Past The Point Rescue) (I) 2014
LAST COWBOY - Toby Keith (Last Livng Cowboy) (N2015
Josh Turner (Lay Low) (D) 2017
LET THE COWBOY ROCK - Ronnie Dunn (Let The Cowboy Rock) (D)
LET YOU GO - Don Derby (Roll In The Hay) (N) 2018
LET'S GET LIT - Trace Adkins (Lit) (D+) 2017
LIFE IS BETTER - Drake White (Keep On Grinnin) (N) 2015
LIKE A ROSE - Ashley Monroe (Like A Rose) (N2015
LINDA LU - Ricky Van Shelton (Linda Lu) (D+) 2018
LINDY SHUFFLE - The Bellamy Brothers (I Need More Of More) (D) 2009-2010-2014-2015
LIPS SO CLOSE - Gord Bamford (When Your Lips Are So Close) (
N) 2015
Trace Adkins (Lit) (I+2017
LITTLE BIT CAJUN - Tim Redmond (Empty) ou Garth Brooks (Act Naturally) (N) 2015
Jamey Johnson (Rebelicious) (D) 2018
LITTLE RHUMBA - The Bellamy Brothers (Like She's Not Yours) (D) 2014
LITTLE ROPE - Jake Owen (I Like A Lot) (N+) 2016
LITTLE TIAGO - Rob Wilson (I Think I Like It Her) (N) 2016
Aaron Goodvin (Lonely Drum) (N) 2017
LORD HELP ME - The Bellamy Brothers (Lord Help Me) (N) 2015
LOUISIANA SATURDAY NIGHT - Robert Mizzell (Louisiana Saturday Night) (N) 2014-2015
LOUISIANA STRUT - The Woolpackers (Louisiana) (D) 2009-2015
Jon Wolfe (If You're Lonely Too) (I) 2017
LOST IN ME - Nathan Carter (Wagon Wheel) (I)
LOVE TAKES TIME - Gord Bamford (Love Takes Time) (N) 2018
LOW KEY - Alan Jackson (Laid Back'n Low Key) (N) 2015

MAGIC MOON - Patty Loveless (Mr. Man in the Moon) (D)
MAKE THIS DAY - Zac Brown Band (Make This Day)
"BLUE" MARLIN BLUES - Georges Strait (Blue Marlin Blues) (D)
MARTI - Jimmy Buckley (Paint The Town Tonight) (D)
MARY MARY - Zac Brown Band (Mary) (I)
MESSED UP IN MEMPHIS - Darryl Worley (Messed Up In Memphis) (I) 2015
MESTEI - Billy Yates (Tell Me I Wrong) (I) 2015
MEXI-FEST - The Mavericks (Back In Your Arms Again) (N) 2014
1000 YEARS - Shakin Stevens (A Love Worth Waiting For) (N) 2010
1929 - Tara Oram (1929) (I)
1976 - Alan Jackson (1976) (32 T) (N)
MOUNTAIN MAN (Séverine Fillion) - Dean Brody (Mountain Man) (I) 2015

MR POLICEMAN - Brad Paisley (Mr. Policeman) (I)
MUNSTA - The Sunny Girls (Kids Forever) (N) 2014-2015
MY DEAR JULIET - George McAnthony (My Dear Juliet)
Chris Young (Center Of My World) (D) 2018
MY NEW LIFE - The Lennerockers (High Class Lady) (N) 2009
MY UTOPIA - John Arthur Martinez (Utopia) (N) 2016
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