Nous n'utilisons que de la Country Music et Rock'n Roll sur nos chorégraphies.
95 % Américaine - 5 % Canadienne, Australienne, Norvégiène, Allemande, Francaise..


Toute chorée de couleur BLEUE est un lien vers une vidéo. Il suffit d'un clic.
(si elle n'est pas supprimée par le propriétaire !!)
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notes de musique

NASHV'ILLAC COUNTRY - Kieran Kane (This Dirty Little Town) (D)
NEVER LET GO - Gord Bamford (When Yout Lips Are So Close) (D)

OLD DAN TUCKER - Bruce SPRINGTEEN (Old Dan Tucker) (N)
Roly Daniels & Dee Reilly (It's An Old Love Thing) (D)
ON THE BLACKTOP - Shane Yellowbird (Bare Feet On The Blacktop) (I)
ON THE DOUBLE - Michaël Peterson (Lost in the Shuffle) (East Coast Swing) (I)
ON THE ROAD - Luke Bryan (Shake It For Me) (fiche sur demande)
ONE O ONE (101) - BR 549 (That's What I Get) (D)
OPEN HEART COWBOY - Dean Brody (Little Yellow Blanket) (I)
(version Michel Auclair) (I) - OUTTA STYLE - (version Guillaume Richard...) (N+) - Aaron Watson (Outta Style)
OVERDUE - Jillian Jacqueline (Overdue) (I)
OVERRATED - Tim McGraw (Overrated) (I)

PARIS START - Kévin Fowler (There's a Fool Born Everyday) (D)
PASADENA LIGHT - Gord Bamford (Pasadena Light) (N)
PATIENT HEART - Bekka & Billy (Patient Heart) (I)
PATTYCAKE POLKA - Yamboo (Oh Suzanna) (D)
PAVEMENT ENDS - Little Big Town (Where The Pavement Ends) (N)
PEOPLE ARE CRAZY - Billy Currington (People Are Crazy) (I)
PEOPLE ARE GOODLuke Bryan (Most People Are Good) (N)
PERFECT DEALReba McEntire (She's Callin' It Love) (N)
PHOENIX - Evi Tausen (Blue Radio) (I/A)
PICNIC POLKA - Daily Planet (Duelin Banjo) (N)
PICK A BALE - John Littleton (Pick a Ball of Cotton) (D)
The Family Brown (Pioneers) (N+)
PIZZA & BEER - Tony Ramey (Dreaming Enough to Get Me By) (I)
PIZZIRICO - The Mavericks (Pizziricco) (D)
POOR BOY SHUFFLE - The Tractors (Poor Boy Shuffle) (N)
Trace Adkins (Poor Folks) (D)
POWER - Ian Scott (See You) (N)
PRIORITY - Zac Brown Band (Chicken Fried) (N)
P 3 - Wilson Fairchild (Take It Or Break It) (D)
PURE & SIMPLE - Dolly Parton (Pure & Simple) (D)


RAIN - Tanner Gomes (Rain) (D)
RAINY NIGHT - Eddie Rabbitt (I Love a Rainy Night) (D)
RAISE YOUR BOTTLE - Aaron Watson (Raise Your Bottle) (N+)

REACHING OUT - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Will The Circle Be Unbroken) (mixer) (I)
REBEL - Ty Herndon (I Want My Goodbye Back) (N)
RECTO VERSO - Fiona Culley (Something To Die For) (Brésilien) (I)
RED HOT ROCK'N ROLLER - Dave Shériff (Red Hot Rock n' Roller) (N+)
RED HOT SALSA - Dave Shériff (Red Hot Salsa) (ligne) (D)
RED STAGGERWING - Mark knopfler & Emmylou Harris (Red Staggerwing) (I)
REDNECK WOMAN - Gretchen Wilson (Redneck Woman) (I)

RIDE THE RIVER - J.J Cale & Eric Clapton (Ride The River) (N)
Western Underground (One Hand in the Riggin') (D)
RIO - utilisez sur la musique de Blaine Larsen (I Don't Know What She Said) (N)
Dierks Bentley (Riser) (I)
ROAD TRIPRitchie Remo (Road Trip) (D)
ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - Bill Haley (Rock Around The Clock) (N)
ROCKIN' THE WAGON WHEEL - Nathan Carter (Wagon Wheel) (D)
ROCK'N BRU ROSE - Danny Everett (Rock Little Baby) (D)
ROCK'N ROLL COWBOY "contra" - Major Dundee (Rock'n Roll Cowboy) (D)
ROMANCE - Anne Murray (Just Another Woman In Love) (N)
ROSE GARDEN - Lynn Anderson (Rose Garden) (N)
Pat Green (Run) (N)

SAFE HAVEN - Hillary Scott (Safe Haven) (I)
SAILOR BOY - George Mc Anthony (Sailor Boy) (D+)
SALLY ANN - Robert Mizell (Whos Gonna Dance With Sally Ann) (I)
The Refreshments (55 Ford) (I)
SECOND CHANCE - Gord Bandford (Better) (D)
16 BARS - The Southern Gothic (16 Bars) (I)

SEMINOLE WIND - John Anderson (Séminole Wind) (D)
SENÖR - Tim O'Brien (Senor - Remixé) (N)
Gord Bamford (She Gets Me) (I)
SHERIFF ON FIRE - The Dean Brothers (Ring On Fire) (N)
Brothers Osborne (Shot Me Straight) (I)
SHORE THINGSLuke Bryan (Shore Thing) (D)
SHORT TIME - Cory Hargreaves (Chicken Pickin) (I)
SHOTGUN - The McClymonts (Shotgun) (N)
SHOTGUN HOUSE - Shane Worley (Shotgun House) (N)

SHUFFLE BOOGIE SOUL (S.B.S) - Preston Shannon (Honky Tonk S.B.S.) (D)
SKIFFLE TIME - The Jive Aces (Mama Don't Allow) (I)
SKY BUMPUS - M C Carpenter (Shut Up & Kiss Me) (D)
SLAPPING LEATHER - Lorrie Morgan (Stepping Stones) (N)
SLIPPED & FEEL - Alan Jackson (I Slipped & Feel In Love) (D)
Major Dundee (Rock & Roll Cowboy) (D)
SMILE - Sean Patrick McGraw (Fiona) (I)
SMILING SONG - Vince Gill (Smilin' Song) (D)
SMOKY BAR - Mario Flores (I Only Miss Her When It Rains) (I)
SOLAR POWER - Brad Paisley (Working On a Tan) (I)
High Valley (Soldier) (I)
SOME BEACH - Blake Shelton (Some Beach) (N)
SOMEBODY LIKE YOU - Keith Urban (Somebody Like You) (I/A)
SOMETHING I MISSED - Kenny Chesney (Must Be Something I Missed) (D)

SOMEWHERE ELSE - Toby Keith (Somewhere Else) (I)
SOUTH OF SANTA FE - Brooks & Dunn (South Of Santa Fe) (N)
SPRINGSTEEN - Eric Church (Springsteen) (I)
SPEAK TO THE SKY - Brendon Walmsley (Speak To The Sky) (N)
SQUARE DANCE DARLING - The Bellamy Brothers (Dancin' Cowboys) (mixer) (D)
STAR THE CAR - Travis Tritt (Start The Car) (D)
Matt Mason (Chasing Stardust) (N)
STOMP - Travis Tritt (The Girls Gone Wild Ego) (D)
STOMPING IT OUT - The Tractors (Shetting The Wood On Fire) (D)
STOP & CAFE - Dale Watson (Jack's Truck Stop & Café) (D)
Dwight Yoakam (Long Goodbye (With Michelle Branch)) (I)
SUDS IN THE BUCKET - Sara Evans (Suds in the Bucket) (I)
SUGAR & PAÏ - The Boots Band (Call Me The Breeze) (N)
SUNBEAM - Jack County (Sunbeam) (N)
SUNDAY DRIVER - Blue County (Sunday Driver) (N)

SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT - Scooter Lee (Swing Low Sweet Chariot) (D)
SWINGIN' THING - Scooter Lee (Honey Hush) (D)
SWEET BREEZE - J.J Cale (Call Me The Breeze) (fiche sur demande) (D)
SWEETHEART OF THE RODEO - Aaron Watson (Sweetheart of the Rodeo) (N)

3 DAY ROAD - Washboard Union (3 Day Road) (I)
TAG ON - Beccy Cole (To Strong To Break) (N)
TAILGATE - Neal McCoy (Tail on the Tailgate) (D/N)
TAKE BACK - Brad Paisley (I'll Take You Back)
TAKE ME AWAY - Keith Miles (Road I'm On) (I)

TANGO WITH THE SHERIFF - Dave Shériff (Tango With The Shériff) (D)
TALL T - Alan Jackson (Tall Tall Trees) (D)
TALK IS CHEAP - Alan Jackson (Talk Is Cheap) (64 T) (I)

TAVERNS TIME - Darryl Worley (Honkytonk Life) (I)
TELEPATHY - Toby Keith (You can't Read my Mind) (I)
TEQUILA - Brooks and Dunn (Tequila) (I)
TERRIBLES GIRLS - Damon Gray (Terribles Two's) (I)
TENNESSEE MOUNTAIN - Old Crow Medecine Show (Tennessee Mountain) (D)
TEXAS - Jack Ingram (You Can't Spell Texas (N)
THANK A LOT - Robert Mizzell (Thanks A Lot) -- clic 32 T (D) & 64 T (I)
Gary Perkins & The Breeze (Thank You) (D)
THANKS TO YOU - Carole Dawn Johnson (I'll Think of You That Way) (I)
THE FINAL TEST - Jayne Dhenam (Feral Kev and Général Leroy) (N)
THE GAMBLER - Kenny Rogers (Robert Wilsdon - Remixé) (I)
THE GOSPEL - Frank Foster (The Gospel) (N+)
THE OUT CROWD - Gord Bamford (The Out Crowd) (& Tracy Lawrence) (N+)
THE OUTBACK - Lee Kernaghan (The Outback Club) (I)
THE PRUNE - M.C Carpenter (How do) (I)
Buddy Jewell (Southern Side Of Heaven) (I)
THE TRAIL (sans TAG) - Billy Ray Cyrus (Trail Of Tears) (N)
THE WANDERER - Eddie Rabitt (The Wanderer) (contre) (D)
THE WORLD - Brad Paisley (The World) (I)
Lisa McHugh (Girl With The Fishing Rod) (I)
THIS OLE BOY - Craig Morgan (This Ole Boy) (I)
THIS IS US - Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris (This is Us) (N)
The Washboard Union (Head Over Heels) (D)
TO BE SAVED - Brent Cobb (To Be Saved) (I)
TOES - Zac Brown Band (Toes) (N)
TOWN OF HOPE AND MEMORIES - Johnny Logan (Dirty Old Town) (I) (Non Country)
TRAILERHOOD - Toby Keith (Trailerhood) (D)
TRAIN 4 2 2 2 - Lee Kernaghan (Sassafras Gap) (mixer) (D)
TRAVELLING (to Arles) - Boxcar Willie (Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun) (D)
TRINITY - George Mc Anthony (They Call Me Trinity) (D)
TRUCK A TRUCK - The Road Hammers (A Girl Who Loves To Truck) (N)
TURA LINE DANCE - Will Tura (Kom Doe De Line Dance) (D)
TURN IT ON COWBOY - Heidi Hauge (Turn It On Turn It Up Turn Me Loose) (N)
TUSH PUSH - Carlène Carter (Every Little Thing) (N)
TWIST & SHAKE - Neal McCoy (The Shake) (D)
Zac Brown Band (Tomorrow Never Comes) (I)
TWO BOYS - George McAnthony (Sailor Boy) (D)
2 HELL & BACK - Rodney Atkins (If youre going through hell) (N)

1-2-3-4 - Ann Tayler (1 2 3) (N)

24 BY 24 - Gord Bamford (24 By 24) (I)
VINE IN A ROUND - Kentucky Headhunters (Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine) (D)
VIRGINIE - Tim McGraw (If I Dead Today) (I)

WALK OF LIFE - Shooter Jennings (Walk of Life) (N)
WALKING AWAY - Zac Brown Band feat Alan Jackson (As She's Walking Away)
WANNA BE ELVIS - Jason Allen (Elvis Tonight) (N)
WANNA BE ME - Keith Urban (Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me) (N)
WANNA DANCE - Craig Campbell (Makes You Wanna Sang) (D)

WAVE ON WAVE - Pat Greene (Wave On Wave) (N)
WAYFARING STRANGER - Neko Case (Wayfaring Stranger) (D)
WE ARE TONIGHT - Billy Currington (We Are Tonight) (I)
WEEK END JAMBOREE - Frank M.Lange (Weekend Jamborée) (D)
Luke Bryan (What Makes You Country) (D)
WHEN WE DANCE - Stéphanie Urbina Jones (God Love It When We Dance) (D)
WHERE I BELONG - Alan Jackson (Thats Where I Belong) (N)
WHITE ROSE - Toby Keith (White Rose)
WHITE TRASH - Cody McCarver (White Trash With Money) (I)
Didier Beaumont (White Whisky) (N)
WHISHFULL THINKING - Rodney Crowell (Lovin' All Night) (N)
Chris Janson (Who's Your Farmer) (I)
WHY DON’T WE JUST DANCE - Josh Turner (Why Don't We Just Dance) (I)
WILD STALLION - Mariotti Brothers (Ghost Riders in The Sky) (I)
Dierks Bentley (Woman, Amen) (I)
WONDER - Josh Turner (Wonder) (I)
WOULD YOU GO WITH ME - Josh Turner (Would You Go With Me) (I)
Runaway June (Wild West) (N+)


YES OR NO - Boxcar Willie (Kawliga) (contre) (N)
YIPEE YI YO - Carlène Carter (Every Little Thing) (D)
YOU NEVER KNOW - Alan Jackson (You Never Know) (I)

A bientôt pour de nouvelles danses !!!

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